GhostDoc [Dev tool of the week]

Thought I would try to make it a thing where I post about a particular tool I’m using that makes life easier for me as a developer. GhostDoc is a cool little Visual Studio plugin that makes commenting your methods and properties much easier. With a keyboard shortcut or right clicking on a method name, GhostDoc will automatically generate xml documentation comments by intelligently looking at the method name and parameters: »

Allow pasting multiple lines in IE textbox

You may have noticed before that if you try to paste more than one line of text into a textbox in Internet explorer it will on only paste in the first line and disregard the rest. Firefox and Chrome on the other hand will automatically paste all lines of the text onto the one line of the textbox. This issue came up in one of the projects I’m currently working on where we wanted users to be able to paste in a list of ID numbers they wanted to run a search on. »

VsVim [Visual Studio extension showcase]

I thought I might do an occasional series of posts on useful visual studio extensions that I use and I’m starting off with one of my must-haves: VsVim. Vim, for those of you who don’t, is a powerful command line based text editor that has been around for a long time. I had to learn it when I was a freshman at college and we had to compile our C++ programs on a central Unix server over SSH and I’ve been hooked ever since. »

Brandon Pugh

My development journal

After having just watched one Rob Conery’s excellent screencasts at Tekpub on going from Coder to Developer, I’ve finally decided to start my own blog. Rob suggested possibly making it something of a development journal if you’re learning a new language or technology and being relatively new to the industry and being a lead developer, it feels like I’m learning so much so fast. So this is my outlet for recording/sharing my experiences, knowledge, trials, triumphs, and mistakes with anyone who might find it interesting or useful. »

Brandon Pugh