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Testing Guidelines

Projects delivered by Headspring are expected to include a set of well-written automated tests that provide meaningful coverage of the code we deliver. But what does that really mean? This document is intended to be a guide for what constitutes acceptable tests in a project, how to write them, and guidance on implementing common testing patterns we frequently see in the projects we deliver.

The Importance of Testing

Tests are a valuable part of our software development toolkit, and one of the main reasons we can deliver high quality code at a rapid pace.

Tests allow us to do all of the following in an automated fashion:

  • Validate that the code we write works as intended
  • Refactor with confidence that we haven’t broken any old code
  • Ensure integrations at code seams function as we expect
  • Verify that we’ve effectively resolved previously identified bugs
  • Add new features without breaking old ones

We test because it makes our work product for our clients better.

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