VsVim [Visual Studio extension showcase]

I thought I might do an occasional series of posts on useful visual studio extensions that I use and I’m starting off with one of my must-haves: VsVim. Vim, for those of you who don’t, is a powerful command line based text editor that has been around for a long time. I had to learn it when I was a freshman at college and we had to compile our C++ programs on a central Unix server over SSH and I’ve been hooked ever since.

If you want all the power of the Visual Studio IDE but don’t want to give up the power of vim’s modal editing and key bindings then this is the extension for you. It’s open source and very actively maintained and one of the best vim ports I’ve ever used. By using a .vsvimrc file you can get an editing experience that stays very true to vim.

Give it a try: VsVim